• Foosball Club London
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  • Book your table football zone online for private use to play with friends and foes and unleash your inner pro Foosballer. Every zone comes with an official competition table football and a seating area to enjoy craft beer and delicious pizza. Located at The Victoria Tavern.

    ‘Foosball Club’ will be the new hub for all things table football related, launching on 30th September 2020 the brand new venture will be the first of its kinds to hit the streets of London. Featuring four championship grade tables with custom lighting they’ll set the gold standard for anyone looking to have an exciting catch up with friends over a quick game, or those looking to take things up a level with a (not so) friendly tournament.

    Foosball Club has been created by JP Thompson who’s been the curator of the London Table Football Championship since 2008. His aim is to share the world of pro foosball to the masses across the capital. The concept behind the Foosball Club is to allow fans and friends to play in the same conditions as an international tournament without spending a fortune travelling abroad.